Obelisk Lighting and Heating
Heat and Light design creating a bright and magical atmosphere
Dine out overlooking the high life.
March 2016
The best qualities of wood and plastic terrace!
Teaming up with Norddeck we are providing line of high quality decking and other board products. Starting from 15th of February 2016 you have a great possibility to choose from environmentally-friendly decking boards.
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Cafe"Vējš Vītolos"
Retractable pergola roofs
Restaurant "Armenia"
Pavillion "Lido"
June 2013
NP Maintenance hangar
Lukoil oil compound
PVC walls for Bulk cargo warehouse
Restaurant "Yakuza"
Japanese spirit alongside Mikhail Eisenstein’s Art Nouveau buildings
Restaurant "Erebuni"
Double-pitch canopy
Restaurant SV Internationals
Restaurant summer terrace awning
We are able to design and manufacture even the most challanging projects.
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March 2016
Desperate for new acoustic sensations?
Teaming up with our friends at Rock Distribution we are providing professional audio solutions for patios, cafes, restaurants, summer terraces etc. Starting from 1st of March 2016 you have a great chance to enjoy a wide range of products from best manufacturers in the whole world.
Launch your summer with a twist.
Private property
Transformable porch. Equipment – on the edge of fantasy!
July 2013
Aloja Starkelsen hangar
SV International Jūrmala
Restaurant summer terrace awning
Cafe"Bavārijas Bufetnieks"
Single-pitch canopy
VW service center
Partitions Volkswagen service center
REF Minerals hangar
Hangar with PVC tent
Restaurant "Tokyo City"
Modular fences and infrared heaters
Restaurant "Tokyo City"
Architectural monument with a cozy terrace
Industrial curtain
July 2014
Private property
Japanese Garden in Jurmala
Roll up partitions
Private property
Pavillions "Kontinent"
August 2014
Onninen hangar
Čili Pica
Italian charm in Baltic summer. Čili pica.
Restaurant "IL PATIO"
Double-pitch canopy
Restaurant "Saules virtuves"
Hippocrates’s recipe for joy of living
Restaurant at Doma square
Double-pitch canopy