Advantages of hangars with PVC fabric cover:

  • with hangars with PVC fabric cover you reduce time consuming (3-4 times) as compared with traditional methods of construction;
  • minimum spot preparation;
  • easy to set-up and tear-down;
  • good for frequent transportation;
  • long operation life of PVC fabric;
  • easy to change the hangar length;
  • use of day light. 


  • working area;
  • warehouses;
  • exhibition halls;
  • parkings;
  • sport halls;
  • entertainment halls.

Tent constructions can be widely used. Traditionaly for summer cafes, exibition and sport pavilions, diversified storehouses, working areas as well as sheltered parkings , etc...

Easy to set up hangars are extremly popular all over the world. Their simplicity and multi-functional character ensures structural reliability, easy to set-up and tear down with minimal costs.

PVC materials made using Precontraint technologie on factory Ferrari (France) are used as a cover.

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