Address: Private

Description: Automatic retractable pergolas with LED lighting and oriental style marquee

Implemented: in 2014

Technical data
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Japanese Garden in Jurmala

Soaked with pine and sea fragrances the air of Jurmala lures to spend some time with nature. If you dream of having a comfortable corner in the garden and not being afraid of exposing cushioned furniture to rain or pine pollen, you definitely need a covered terrace. But a stationary awning would shade the house and deprive you from the pleasures of sunbathing. We figured out how to create a roofed terrace which would also be open to the sun, so that you can adjust the flow of light and shade throughout the day.

Retractable three-section pergolas on a solid wooden frame made of laminated beams - this is what you need to create a Japanese garden in Jurmala. The colors of nature, minimalistic oriental design along with the feel of freedom and open space, allowing to reach out to green branches and scent the subtle breath of flowers and herbs. Rainy weather enhances meditative atmosphere of the terrace - rain drops monotonically tap the surface of the stretched waterproof fabric. And in the evening hours the terrace is lit up by eco-friendly LED-lamps with adjustable power, managed by a remote control. Lightweight and reliable frame of the pergolas is in perfect harmony with the house design and provides all-round visibility. In hot weather the pergolas protect the first floor from overheating, maintaining comfortable temperature inside and creating a pleasant cool on the terrace. The pergolas are very convenient to control as they are equipped with modern Somfy motors from the new IOS series.

Japanese tea ceremony or heartfelt talks at dinner, breakfast in the open air or board games with friends - you won't even notice that you are used to spending time outside while taking advantage of true comfort!

And when you invite your friends over to a barbeque party, there is one more place to spend time under - a marquee distanced from the house and terrace and made of matte PVC fabric matching the colors of the environment. It also has oriental design and is meant to perform many functions: shelter teenage companies, serve as a bench for backup players, or protect late-night talks at the open fire. When several generations of a family live under one roof, everyone should have at least a small private Japanese garden!