Address: 61 Juras Street, Jurmala (opposite Dzintari concert hall)

Description: A restaurant with a summer terrace equipped with retractable pergolas (13.5х15m), LED lighting and protective screens

Implemented: in 2013

Technical data
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Vertical screens

Dine out overlooking the high life. Dzintari

Estrāde restaurant opposite the famous Dzintari concert hall in Jurmala is probably one of the most fashionable social places at the resort. We tried our best to place the large (13.5x15.0m) terrace of the restaurant so that the visitors feel comfortable and enjoy watching the social life of Jurmala resort, meet friends and celebrate together.

Retractable roof pergolas from durable PVC fabric are driven by the modern Somfy motors from the new IOS series. In the morning and in the evening the terrace silently opens to the caressing Baltic sun, and at noon just by pushing a button on the remote control you can create a pleasant shade. The surface of pergolas is divided into four parts, which allow you to add light or shade. And in the evening hours the terrace is lit up by eco-friendly LED-lamps with adjustable power. So this is the way the pergola gives the restaurant that cozy feel attracting visitors and inviting them to stay longer and come back over and over again.

A robust construction of the double-pitch roof awnings shelters the terrace from rain, and the drain in the middle of the pergola quickly removes water. To protect the visitors of the restaurant from the harsh Baltic winds and splatter, the perimeter of the terrace is equipped with transparent protective screens, which are retracted by electric motors. All control functions of the awnings and screens are incorporated in the remote control, which also has an LCD screen.

The visual design of the summer terrace keeps up with the elegant style of Jurmala and favorably complements the interior and the furniture. Estrāde restaurant has chosen a wise and technically mature solution, that helps to serve the increasing flow of visitors during the high season and win clients' sympathies.