Location:  2 Hipokrata Street, Riga

Characteristics: Functional single-slope awning 6,71x 8,21m

Implemented: in 2014

Technical data
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Hippocrates’s recipe for joy of living

Hippocrates, the Greek physician who was the founder of modern medicine, often spoke about the healing role of fresh air and high spirits. Café Saules virtuves has implemented wishes of the great doctor in the leading medical center of Latvia – Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital Gaiļezers. In the summer season you are so eager to leave the hospital premises and take a walk or meet friends by a cup of aromatic coffee, as well as sometimes treat yourself to a meal that is different from the hospital menu and not always entirely dietary.

Celebration of life requires bright colours! Therefore, the awning of the terrace is made of fabric with cornflower-blue stripes. It can be noticed from a distance. It is nice to have a meeting on such a terrace – it is a true oasis in the formal atmosphere of a state medical institution; here you can relax, forget problems, dream, and laugh...