Address: 7 Katolu Street, Jelgava

Description: High quality street-side terrace with a single-slope awning 10,60x 6,20m

Implemented: in 2013.

Technical data
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Fabric STAM 6002
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Italian charm in Baltic summer. Čili pica.

Italian cuisine presents us with joy of existence. In the summer season it should be enjoyed as close as possible to nature. It is therefore reasonable that Čili Pica in Jelgava, seeking to provide their guests with open space, have stepped outdoors. Here you can have both breakfast and lunch, as well as spend a wonderful weekday evening together with your friends or family, rather than stay within the four walls of your apartment.

You can feel just like in Southern Europe, where in the evenings friendly people fill the streets, sitting for hours in the many and various coffee shops over a cup of coffee or at a rich, but light and vitalizing dinner. Freedom – that is the motto of the terrace design being proposed for this particular restaurant.

The rectangular, almost square area allows you to set out tables in an appropriate way for any event, there is nothing to obstruct the view; the construction is extremely lightweight and transparent. Nevertheless, in case of heavy rain, the metal frame of the awning prevents the fabric from incurving.