Location: Jurmala

Description: Restaurant summer terrace awning

Implemented: in 2013

Technical data
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Fabric STAM 6002
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Enjoy an excellent kitchen while enjoying Jurmala

SV International brand is well known among gourmets; one of the restaurants is located in Jurmala, two steps away from the beach, in one of the most popular streets leading tourists to the sea. In creating the summer terrace we have tried to emphasize the unique magic of Jurmala that you can feel here.

On the Baltic sandy beach, personal space is often limited by dimensions of your sunbathing mat or beach-towel. Holidaymakers are sunbathing closely next to each other, and it does not annoy anybody. But during the meal you want to feel the contrast: you want to escape the crowd for a moment and enjoy conversations with your friends or family. Therefore the terrace is separated from the promenade with stable wooden flower boxes and glass fencings behind which one can no longer feel the rush of passers-by and can peacefully focus on the luxurious SV International dishes. By contrast, the restaurant itself can be noticed from a far: “Elegance” modular fencis with marketing slogans on it, splendid awning and umbrellas of the same colour at the other façade – it calls to sit down at a table with a dessert or something, cheer up with coffee or drinks. The awning and flower boxes are of the same colour and the terrace is decorated with living plants and bright flowers – it all looks so elegant that urges to capture the moment and take photos on such a background!