Location:  18 R.Vagnera Street, Riga

Characteristics: Smart street-side terrace with single-slope awning 10,07x1,70m

Implemented: in 2014

Technical data
PDF, 1,41 Mb
Fabric STAM 6002
PDF, 227 Kb

Nostalgia for the medieval Riga. Bavarian style.

Everything in the tiny medieval street named after Richard W.Wagner reminds of antiquity: the first pharmacy in Riga, which is now a museum, the cobble-stone pavement, and the name itself – pairs of boots were outworn here by the famous composer in the early years of his musical career. Not to interfere with pedestrian traffic along the narrow street, terrace Bavārijas bufetnieks is very compact, but at the same time the café visitors can enjoy a cozy atmosphere – in the busy city center, where life goes on in full swing, a kind of private space has been created, where you are safely protected from the changing Baltic climate. The frame of the awning above the terrace is free-standing, detached from the walls of the historic building, but at the same time it covers the terrace so that even a rain at an angle cannot disturb cafe visitors. The wide grey stripes of the fabric refresh the classical facade of the building, with an air of medieval burgher’s respectability. The texture and translucence of the cloth is canvas-like, although in fact it is a modern synthetic material, which will serve for many years.