The supporting structure is made of silver anodised aluminium.

Each module is equipped with aluminium pantographs and a M2 flame retardant PVC cover inserted in the grooves of the profiles. Ready Box Pool is fastened at one side of the swimming pool and can be manually opened; the tensioning system placed externally, two side handles set on the last module as well as rubber tyres allow a rapid opening and closing movement in a smooth and effortless way.

On both frontal and rear sides there are fitting PVC awnings that cover and protect the pool touching lightly the water surface.

Ready Box Pool is supplied already assembled.















WEATHER RESISTANT: all READY BOX models are made of a solid and resistant aluminium structure and PVC coated fabric covers. Every tunnel model will be provided with PVC fabric fireproofing certificate according to safety regulations in force.

DURABILITY OVER TIME: all materials used to produce Ready Box retractable tunnels are of the highest quality. They undergo special treatments to make them resistant to exposure to unfavourable weather conditions and durable over time.

EXTENSION: any retractable tunnel has been designed to be easily re-closed having the minimum overall dimensions. Its trusses brought together by special tensioning pantographs allow, when needed, to extend the structure. Tunnels can cover wide spaces or create covered walkways between existing buildings or areas or offer valid temporary shelters.

READY-TO-ASSEMBLE: all tunnels are complete knock-down thanks to special molten aluminium joints designed to be promptly connected and fastened to aluminium extruded profiles. Some tunnel models are supplied already assembled.

EASY TO TRANSPORT: all READY BOX tunnels are carefully delivered or shipped in appropriate packages; any group of components is packed up with great attention in order to be easily handled and piled up during transport.

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