Enclosure awning system


Aluminium structure for large dimensions, ideal for creating exclusive and leisure ambiences, with possibility to cover areas up to 36 m2.It is feasible to directly fix system to the ground, with ballast or also incorporate wheels for greater convenience and fulfillment of urban outdoor regulations.Furthermore, it can be used 24 hours a day as it is possible to integrate lighting with LED strips in the structure.It is the perfect solution for outdoor terraces in cafes and restaurants, to regulatory and anti-smoking laws.


Easy assembly of upper chapitel and plate at longitudinal profile (preinstalled drill).

Led lighting Kit fully equiped (includes power supply).

Availability of concrete ballast (60 kg) for ground fixing.

Flat hood assembly option. It is also possible to open the awning independently one from each other.

Tehniskā specifikācija

Awning type Box system
Tube d, mm70mm or 78mm
Mounting optionsSeperately standing
Arm projection, m3m
Max length, m6m
Range of coloursSilver or according to RAL catalog
FabricsThe awning collection is comprised of 212 references, including 100 all new solids. As a result, DICKSON® offers 188 Orchestra options, 10 Symphony solids and 14 Opera jacquards.
FrillNot available
OperationMotor with remote control
AccessoriesGives the opportunity to enjoy complete comfort while outdoors. Additional equipment – weather sensors (wind, sun, rain), infra-red heater, lighting, sound systems – providing quality solutions, regardless of weather or daily hour.

Use range

System parts

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