Max. width 12,0 m, max. h=5,0 m

BOX 4 Tunnel

READY BOX is a structure on wheels, retractable and foldable, available in different types. The structural elements are made of anodized aluminium profiles, while the cover is provided with a textile membrane in fireproof PVC. The handling of the tunnels is extremaly simple, smooth and light, and one person can easily handle the extension or bundling operations. READY BOX retractable tunnels can be used in countless ways and there are many customizable solutions.

READY BOX retractable tunnels, supported by the proper anchoring system and the application of tensioners to each arch, offer amazing wind resistance, reaching up to 100 km/h in their widest variants. The variable actions induced by wind and snow meet the requirements of the current standards for temporary structures.


  • Aluminium construction
  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick and simple installation on site
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent use
  • Total flexibility

Technical specification

Width, m8,0; 9,0; 10,0; 11,0; 12,0
Useable passage height, m4,0; 5,0
Max length, m12
Tensioning systemPantograph
Profile size, mm60×100
CoverPVC fabric
Type of wheelsNylon wheels with galvinized lift proof rail
Rubber wheel
Special shapesSide mounted with single pitch
Side mounted with double pitch
PVC sliding closures with side opening
PVC sliding closures with central opening
Stainless steel lift proof rail
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