Easy to set up


KOMPAKT fold up tents are extremely easy to set up and take down. In fact, the entire process is so simple that it usually takes just one minute and can be completed by a single person. These user friendly tents are also compact and lightweight, making them a particularly good choice if you plan to travel or are tight on storage space. They can be secured by driving stakes through their in built footplates or screwed down on your wooden patio. Extra anchoring is available in weighted bags which can be very useful in more exposed areas of your garden. They can be folded down and packed away neatly into their own carrier bag.


  • Aluminium construction;
  • Classic design;
  • Easy assembly;

Technical specification

Size, m2×2; 3×3; 3×4,5; 3×6; 4×6; 4×8
Installation typeFreestanding, side by side
Support framealuminium
Framework colorssilver anodized aliminium
Cover colorscolors are available upon request
Sand bag
Base plates
Window wall
Carrying bag
Connecting gutters
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