Interlaced roof


KUBE can be defined as the nexus between contemporary design and the archetype of a house – the simplicity of a hut, built with interwined elements that the most natural shading system, made of branches and twigs. The structure is a trellis criss-crossed by PVC tarps, its alternating movement breaking the momotony of plain surfaces and offering glimpses of the sky through the interweaving. At night KUBE fully manifests its beauty, thanks to the LED lights into the perimeter beams that create a cozy and intimate atmoshere.


  • Aluminium construction
  • Classic design
  • Different possibilities to close sides

Technical specification

Size, m3×3; 4×4; 5×5
3×4; 3×5; 3×6; 4×3; 4×5; 4×6; 5×6
Column height, m2,4
Installation typeFreestanding, on the wall
Support framealuminium construction
Framework colorswhite (RAL 9010), dove grey, dark brown, special grey or according to RAL catalog
CoverPVC fabric, sun protection mesh
Cover colorscolors are available upon request
Ground anchors
PVC wall
Sheer curtains
Vertical screens
Flooring systems
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