Fully retractable pergola with aluminium blinds

Bioclimatic Bio-Persa

Bioclimatic pergola Bio-Persa is the ideal solution for the creation of an impressive outdoor space. Bioclimatic pergola Bio-Persa is fully retractable system that offers the opportunity to take moments of relaxation throughout the day, taking advantage of the weather conditions, that way creating the desired microclimate. Bioclimatic pergola Bio-Persa is a representative, tested solution for the coverage of professional spaces or any shape and size. Retractable roof for variable coverage and shading. Quality construction for functionality, aesthetics and safety. Durable protection, with certified resistance to Sun, Rain & Wind.
Max dimensition of one module, m4,50×5,99
Mounting typewall mounted; free standing;
Type of pergola1 module or more
Type of modules connectionside by side; back to back;
CoverAluminium panels 45×273 mm
Dimensions of rafter, mm50×237
Aluminium parapet
Aluminium parapet column, mm150×150
Peremetric gutter, mm99,5×99,5
Wood parapetX
Manual startX
Motor with emitter
Blinds insulation with polyurethyane
LED lighting system
RGB lighting system
Wireless dimmer
Integrated ZIP screen√ ZIP
Infrared heaterInfrared heater
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