Pergola for two parking spaces

Pensilsole solar Power

In light of growing “green” awareness and changing lifestyles that include the use of renewable energy sources and strategies to cut consumption, installing a photovoltaic system is an increasingly popular choice, even without incentive policies.A choice, that of photovoltaics, which is even more convenient if you plan to enhance your parking spaces by turning them into clean energy sources through the installation of a photovoltaic carport. Compared to a rooftop installation, which sometimes risks damage to the roofing membrane, canopy installation allows the system itself to be easily cleaned and controlled, ensuring maximum performance over time.

Photovoltaic system with energy storage

Pensilsole Solar Power is a 2-car carport equipped with a 6.08 kW photovoltaic system with energy storage.

Pensilsole Solar Power is available in the following models:

Ground fastening systems
  • Installation without foundation works with reinforced concrete bases.
  • Installation with special steel plates on reinforced concrete foundations.
Ground fastening systems
  • The structure is fixed on reinforced concrete foundations.

The Pensilsole Solar Power photovoltaic system consists of:

n. BISOL DUPLEX BDO M6 photovoltaic modules – 120-cell half-cut 380 W monocrystalline modules16
Nominal power6,08 kW
OPTIONAL – External Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery pack
10,000 discharge-charge cycles with 70% residual capacity
5 kWh each
Hybrid inverter – Nominal power 5 kW
Energy management software Included

Wind and snow resistance of the photovoltaic carport

ModelWind resistanceSnow resistance
Pensilsole Solar Power standard model “Middle” 27 m/s 120 daN/sqm
Pensilsole Solar Power standard model “Maxi” 29 m/s 150 daN/sqm
Pensilsole Solar Power Cantilever 27 m/s 120 daN/sqm

Supporting structure of the carport

  • Aluminium profiles and hot-dip galvanized steel components with polyester powder coating
  • Individual components are CE certified
  • 100% made in Italy
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