Wind shield


OASIdehor® Columns offer a fixed protection for open-air areas in the event of strong, cold, permanent winds, where other types of protection cannot be used. A transparent, elegant solution that does not alter the view of the scenery. Highly versatile, because the glass panels can be set at different angles. The glass panels, which are not supplied by Star Progetti, are slotted into the column without holes or screws. Minimalist design and maximum light to protect areas characterised by strong, cold, permanent winds.

Technical information

OASIdehor® Column is made of extruded aluminium. The structure is composed of three parts, one main part and two additional parts which come next the main part completing the body of the column.

The glasses are inserted in the column without any pierce or screws. In addition, OASIdehor® Colum has three profiles sealing the unused openings.

THE MODULES CAN BE PLACED AT VARIOUS ANGLES the one from the other (45°-90°-135°-180°). This contributes greatly to the attractiveness of this installation in the evening.

OASIdehor® Column can be used to protect and/or separate, for indoor and outdoor environments such as bars and restaurants, private villas and swimming pools, areas dedicated to sporting activities, terraces, highland chalets, show rooms, partition walls for interiors, open-space areas where privacy is required, shopping centres,partition walls for open-space offices

OASIdehor® COLUMN is patented created and made in Italy

Total module height, m1,70 m or 1,80 m
Maximum distance between two columns2.30 m  
ConstructionSturdy aluminium structure 200×160 mm
Range of coloursStandard metallic silver colour, other colours on request (optional)
Glass8 /10 mm (not included)
OperationFixed construction
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