Pergola with energy storage

Eclettica Solar Power

Solar pergola Eclettica Solar Power can be used not only for recreational purposes but as a functional solution to reduce the energy consumption of one’s family or business; yet, traditional pergolas ignore this opportunity. Thanks to photovoltaic modules, the solar pergola Eclettica Solar Power offers the opportunity to use sunlight as a source of clean energy production. In light of the current international energy crisis, installing a photovoltaic system is becoming increasingly cost-effective, even without incentives.

Dimensions of standard module

Maximum dimensions of the self-supporting standard module (cm).
The roof is expandable by associating additional modules with the base module.
500 x 600
Max. total height (cm)326
Available shapesSquare or rectangular

Of the various possibilities, Eclettica adopts the system that provides the greatest savings when considering the energy needs of a family of five: a photovoltaic system with energy storage.

Eclettica Solar Power offers a highly efficient storage system designed for domestic security. The solar pergola Eclettica adopts a hybrid inverter to which it is possible to connect an external 5 kW lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack capable of guaranteeing 10,000 discharge and charge cycles while maintaining a residual capacity of 70%, a reduced hazard in the event of house fires, and environmentally friendly technology.

The system is available in two versions with 8 or 12 high-efficiency 120-cell half-cut 380 W monocrystalline photovoltaic panels. The panels are produced by the company Bisol.

This system  allows electricity to be consumed directly during daylight hours, to be stored for use at night, and finally, to exchange the excess energy produced into the grid.

A photovoltaic system with storage is preferable to a system that operates solely with “on-site exchange”, as, in the absence of electricity storage, refuelling from the grid would be necessary for the evenings and at night, paying dearly for electricity and losing all benefits.

Eclettica Solar Power is an isothermal, waterproof, sound-absorbing and snow load resistant pergola: a new solution to respond to a growing and unstoppable green sensibility, combined with the search for environmental, acoustic, thermal and visual comfort that satisfies all the senses, at a price you don’t expect.

Technical data

Structure dimensions500 x 400 cm and larger500 x 400 cm and larger
n. BISOL DUPLEX BDO M6 photovoltaic modules – 120-cell half-cut 380 W monocrystalline modules812
Nominal power3,04 kW4,56 kW
OPTIONAL – External Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery pack 10,000 discharge-charge cycles with 70% residual capacity5 kW each5 kW each
Hybrid inverter – Nominal power4 kW4 kW
Energy management softwareIncludedIncluded

Pergola advantages

  • Waterproof – Totally waterproof sandwich panel cover to shield your outdoor living from rain;
  • Soundproofing – The roof can be fitted with soundproofing panels to ensure maximum acoustic comfort;
  • Isothermal – The roof is equipped with sandwich panels that ensure that the internal temperature is controlled in all seasons, preventing the appearance of condensation, to ensure maximum thermal-environmental comfort;
  • Snow load resistant for the safety of the whole family – Eclectica of maximum size 600 x 500 cm can withstand a snow load in the roof of 50 daN/m2 and 100 daN / m2 in the reinforced version.
  • Maintenance-free – Eclectica’s simplified design ensures that maintenance is limited to general cleaning of the aluminum profiles and, if there are trees that lose foliage in the cold season, the roof.
  • Integrated water discharge to the structure.
  • LED lighting integrated to the structure.
  • Pull-down blinds and sliding glass windows to match the structure.
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